Most businesses cannot afford to make a mistake, especially when it comes to deploying new solutions. When implementing a Digital Workspace for example, it is important to understand that this is more than installing technology. The digital workspace is a holistic change in the way end-user services are delivered by IT today and you’ll need to create a plan that will utilize the investments in people, process, and technology prior to implementation. Our consultants can work with you to design and implement a solution that meets your business goals. As icing on the cake, we take the extra step of empowering your team via coaching and mentoring to continue your success after we leave.

Some mistakes are more costly than others. Get it right the first time by leveraging one of Agisko’s consultants for your next implementation.


At Agisko, we’re using industry leading products in virtualization and cloud computing, and more and more companies have quickly learned how important it is to start utilizing that world-renowned software. Yet integrating and supporting these solutions in house can be difficult, which is why Agisko’s customers are interested in our support service.
Agisko’s support service is a service that handles support for companies both small and large. We are an affordable, efficient choice for those that have considered utilizing the desktop virtualization and cloud computing benefits of our solutions. Our support service includes reactive and remote support.

Agisko’s support service provides highly skilled support for the full Agisko solution that has been implemented.


If agility, speed and security are the primary benefits you need to achieve on your digital workspace, then the Agisko’s managed service could be for you. Organizations are transforming their business processes and operations to add value in a fast-paced, global service economy. IT leaders are moving to a digital model by allocating more resources for strategic initiatives versus only handling maintenance and support activities.

Without a partner to deploy and manage an on-prem and/or cloud based digital workspace, IT seldom focuses on business innovations. For public sector organizations, innovation provides new ways to engage with constituents and add value. For commercial organizations, innovation provides new routes to market and greater customer satisfaction.

You are likely continuing to virtualize your IT infrastructure and move to the cloud using Agisko’s propositions. But managing and supporting a cloud environment requires time and specialized skills. Agisko can provide the needed managed service to help maintain the performance, reliability, security and power of your on-prem and cloud infrastructure.

The Agisko’s managed service can be delivered on our full solution based on Agisko’s hardware, software and services, providing you the agility, speed, security and performance you need to compete in the digital economy.

Software Asset Management

You want software products that best fit your existing IT infrastructure and your future requirements for mobile and cloud advances. The cheapest licensing model may or may not be the best choice. Added costs over time, compliance with company guidelines and license management and transparency are very important to take in account.

Agisko’s software asset management is designed to efficiently and effectively meet all your requirements. Our deep expertise will help control software spend and get the most out of your software assets. We help you optimize your software procurement throughout the entire software lifecycle, end-to-end.

Combine our software asset management with our consultancy and support service, or with our managed service to get most value out of your license.

Your Benefits

  • Expert advice to identify ideal licensing scenarios and contractual agreements
  • Efficient software procurement based on fast, simple processes, and reliable data
  • Agisko’s software lifecycle follow-up
  • Long-term software strategy and roadmap optimized for maximum ROI on software investments, including implementation through our other services